Learn How to Make Money Online
as an Infopreneur

Information + Entrepreneur = Infopreneur

An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who specializes in information. They make money by providing, promoting and distributing information products, usually within a niche market.

We'll show you how to use your own knowledge,
research or life experience to make money
online with information.

Almost anyone can learn how to sell information and make money online. Everyone knows something about something. We'll show you how to turn your knowledge into a fulfilling source of passive income on a part-time basis.

For example, a woman noticed that many of Ebay's classified ads were poorly worded... After spending two days writing a 5-page Special Report on "How to Write a Good Ebay Ad" she offered it on Ebay for $10 per download. She sold 108 copies and made $1080 in the first 72 hours! The best part was that the report continued to sell on Ebay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She was literally making money while she was sleeping.

People all over the world
- of all ages, education and backgrounds -
are learning how to sell information online.

While this is still a relatively new concept, in the last few years information marketing has become a genuine option that most people can actually consider. Everybody knows information is valuable. Why not figure out a way to make money with it? Here are some examples of successful infopreneur ideas.

You can do it too.

Web 2.0 changed everything and now everyone - individuals, businesses and even non profit fundraisers - can tap into the extraordinary power of the internet. If you know how to check your email, you can learn how to make money online.

It’s easier than you think.

You don’t even need to have business experience or know HTML to get started. Many first-time entrepreneurs have been able to make money online because of how user-friendly the internet has become. Resources and help are always just a few clicks away, including inexpensive step-by-step website building packages.

The low risk, minimal start-up costs and high profit potential means you can start an online business without risking much more than your time. Work at home moms and dads love this type of business because it can be built on a very flexible schedule.


Learn how to sell information online.

If you already have a business, chances are you have a website that is promotional in nature and acts as an online brochure. By adding an ecommerce component you can develop another source of revenue and appeal to a worldwide audience.

Every type of business can benefit from ecommerce, including non profit organizations. The internet is becoming a powerful fundraising tool because it has the potential to create a sustainable source of funding year-round.

Ebook publishing is one way to start making money online. If you can check your email, you can easily learn how to create and sell your own ebooks.


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As an infopreneur, you can
make money online doing what you love.

While jobs for retirees may be scarce, demand for their knowledge online can be considerable, particularly in a global marketplace. Everyone knows something of value - the trick is figuring out how to leverage it.

Your hobbies can also provide an amazing and unexpected way to generate income. What could you could teach, explain, demonstrate or discuss? How are you creative?

Are you good with words? Do you enjoy research? There are countless ways to create passive income with either of these skills. Almost anyone can learn how to sell information online in one form or another.

We’ll show you how.

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